Caring for a Tagine

With herbs, spices, and vegetable flavouring throughout every meal, Moroccan food is truly a delicacy. Some dishes are not made in a traditional pot; they are made in a special pot called a tagine. A tagine pot is made of heavy clay that may be hand painted or glazed. Its flat bottom and dome shaped top help to bring any lost moisture back into the food. These special pots are not made of the same materials as others, so special consideration must be taken when caring for them.

Before its first use a tagine pot must be seasoned. In order to properly season them, owners should place pots in water for at least one hour. Once the pot is done soaking it should then have oils rubbed over its surface. In order for the pot to absorb the oils it must sit in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. After it is washed for a final time, the pot should be ready for use.

A tagine pot can be cared for through hand washing in mildly soapy water after each use. However, it should not be allowed to sit in the water and must be hand dried.